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You no longer login in the top, right module anymore. It have been replaced, and is now located under the 'Guest' dropdown menu if you're not logged in, or in the 'Account' dropdown menu if you are logged in, top right.

For questions, message me.
The new server is open for testing. We're still in the process of adding plugins and developing the server, so be aware of random server crashes or restarts. Thanks!

Testing Server

Biophysical posted Mar 30, 14
The testing server is up and running. There are still things to do, but the essential plugin work is almost done. Feel free to join the test server, but be aware of that we are not going to use this map later. Buildings and items on this map will not be transfered to the official map when we open the server.

Things to be done
- A new spawn
- Ranks
- Additional plugins (minigames, etc.)
- A new staff tree
- Suggestions?

Also, manual teamspeak ip adrress to connect with, as the ts module is not operating properly.
iscool12 hay on the topic of ranks i lost mine i'm a donator coal
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